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About G.D. Goenka Global School, noida

'She is our own, the darling of our hearts.
In the shadows of her trees we meet
In the freedom of her open sky,
Our dreams are rocked in her arms.
Her face is a fresh wonder of love every time we
See her
For she is our own, the darling of our hearts.'

'She' here is our alma mater, GD Goenka Global School, NOIDA. Nestled in the greens, basking under the refulgent sun, she beckons and beams on one and all to be a part of this unique invigorating educational institute.

Welcome to our campus sedately built with airy corridors and hallowed arches reverberating with happy sounds of children and resonating perceptive wisdom.

Each child here is treated in a sensitive manner, provided with appropriate developmental programmes to encourage not just learning but also the love of learning. It also provides an environment that is safe, clean and healthy and child oriented. An environment where classrooms are arranged to provide effective learning. Activity areas are designed where children are allowed to explore, experience and succeed.

All the subjects and activities possess elements of creativity and educational expressions. We infuse a new life and spirit into each subject and activity through which the development of super human being becomes possible.

Our curriculum includes subjects which promote mental and spiritual development motivating children to attain knowledge of the world and their nation creatively with a constructive approach.