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Facilities @ G.D. Goenka, Noida

The GD Goenka has been established to cater to the rising demand for quality education in Noida. The School has a proactive approach to education and its foundations are based on the philosophy that quality education requires consistent efforts and new directions in the area of teaching and learning.

Smart Class Rooms

Meet Technology, the presiding member of the Goenkan classroom. We have been successful in bringing technology to our classrooms with the introduction...[...]


Information is the heartbeat of meaningful learning in schools. Exponential growth, availability and access to information, particularly electronic information...[...]

Computer Labs

Information technology has become integral to every walk of life. With fully equipped computer lab, we expose students easily to computer education...[...]

Medical Room

The School accommodates a well-equipped and well furnished Medical Room, which is accessible during school hours. Regular medical checkups...[...]

Art Room

Exposure to art and craft activities adds colour, joy and beauty to the lives of the students enhancing their creativity and self expression....[...]

Music & Dance Room

This is the place, where young musicians start their journey to become great composer & where the children unwind and learn the aesthetics of movement....[...]

Yoga & Aerobics

Walk through the lanes of the school premises and you may encounter some students stretching their bodies & relaxing & this can come only through...[...]


Playgrounds are the heart & soul of any campus since they are the wall of a healthy society. Our school has rich networks of courts & playfields....[...]

Splash Pool

For the conduct of swimming activity as well as the practices for preparation of teams, to participate in various competitions, we have splash pool...[...]

Tennis Court

A synthetic Court of Tennis provides an excellent opportunity for the budding sportsman to showcase their talent in this field....[...]

Basketball Court

Sports impart health and agility of mind in a practical manner on the Playground. At GDGGS - Noida, Sports and Games are an integral part of Education...[...]


Gymnasium is the part of physical exercise which generates inner and outer strengths towards claiming high mounted pioneering upliftments amongst students...[...]


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